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Death is certain to happen one day, but when that day comes will you rest peacefully knowing that your loved ones, dependents and assets are taken care of? As a Will and Estate Administration Lawyer in Jamaica I help you with the process of implementing proper estate plans in Jamaica for the protection, management and distribution of assets in the event of death or incapacitation of yourself or a loved one. I also have experience in the administration of trans-national estates and having foreign Wills and Grants recognized and enforced in Jamaica. 


Services Include:

  • Will preparation in Jamaica

  • Codicil Preparation

  • Power of Attorney in Jamaica

  • Grant of Probate in Jamaica

  • Grant of Administration in Jamaica

  • Resealing Foreign Grants in Jamaica

  • Limited Grants of Representation

  • Distribution of Assets in Jamaica

  • Notation of Death of Joint Proprietor

  • Estate TRN in Jamaica

  • Estate Assessment

  • Transfer Tax on Death Exemption Applications

  • Transfer of Shares

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